HAPPINESS is cultivated when you have an understanding of yourself. It looks vastly different to everyone, here is what I’ve found makes me happy.

RELATIONSHIPS– lets discuss romantic relationships first. I have a fantastic husband, he is truly one of the kindest and honest people I know. He is supportive and loving, after almost 23 years together (married for 12 of them) we’ve learned so much about each other. Communication¬† is truly key here because we think very differently. I used to say we are one but that is very inaccurate, we are individuals who fit well together and just want to spend time with one another. Other relationships like friendships are also very important, I love connecting with people. I can find good in almost anyone, my circle of friends is great. I have friendships that are different levels of closeness, we appreciate and enjoy each other. One thing I’ve noticed over the years that friendships are always evolving. Sometimes you become closer and other times you loose touch. The choices we make with friends are our own responsibility and I’m lucky to know people who value me as I do them

HOBBIES– this is a fun section (not to say others were not lol) I’ve had so many hobbies in my life and I’d say that one of them was something I was able to make a job at some point. Unfortunately due to the pandemic my photography career has been paused. I still very much enjoy photography but I don’t do it as often just for the fun of it. I really enjoy gaming (although I am not super versed in them its all good fun), painting / drawing and reading. When it comes to painting and drawing I find it so peaceful and relaxing. It helps me connect with a part of myself I normally don’t access. I love doing abstract painting (mostly with acrylic) and mostly I don’t have a full idea in mind ( just partial ) until that paint hits the canvas. I also fall in an out of love for reading, normally I’d read each night but sometimes I put my book down and its hard to get back into that habit. I also enjoy cooking and experimenting with recipes in the kitchen (even thought my husband isn’t always on board)

HEALTH– please see my nutrition and movement section. I believe if you take care of your home (meaning your body) you can truly feel freedom and peace.