minimal, basic and preferred habits

Sometimes I turn around in life and realize everything is kind of crumbling. Lets face it life will happen and hard times come up, sometimes more than normal. I lost 2 very important people to me in one year in the past and it was very difficult. I gave up not only good habits but I picked up my old bad habits in that time.

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delayed gratification

Something I couldn’t admit to myself for the longest time was my binge eating issue. I still sometimes get into a stressful situation and my instinct is to still over indulge. Delayed gratification helped me with keeping balance with problematic food.

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bariatric eats – my perfect salad

I wanted to share my perfect salad with you guys. Everyone will have a different version and tweeks but this is what I’m loving. In the summer months I prefer not to roast and this is the perfect side to go along with any protein, it also really holds up on its own. Continue Reading