how i avoided a binge

I’ve been working with Sarah from SarahD Fit with Me to adjust my macros and different ways of working out and overall make sure my body is where I need it to be. Yes I want to lose more but more importantly we are working on reverse dieting.

Side note I never thought I’d ever be reverse dieting, it seems like such a foreign concept still.

The other day I was having a moment when I was spiraling down, everything was bad and I was not being rational. After discussing it with Sarah we changed one of my meals from cucumbers, turkey and cashews (that I normally enjoy very much) to a snack plate that blew me out of the water. Ordinarily when I feel like shit I’d pick one of the items on said plate and just over eat on it. When I was done I realized how helpful it was to first contact Sarah and share my feelings and also realize it was something that would lead me to binge on whatever my eyes set upon when the last straw hit.

Honestly my apartment is pretty safe, I don’t keep junk on hand but no matter what healthy snack I would find ordinarily I would just eat way too much of it and with blinders on. It would not be a balanced plate at all and I’d feel like shit later so I’m glad I had this experience. I didn’t even realize what happened that night until the next morning. When I was asked how ‘last night’ went I replied with alright and everything as planned. I meant that I had the adjusted meal ( of goodness 🙂 ) and the last meal as planned. To quote Sarah “How about you’re a badass and beat the binge demon last night? PROUD OF YOU!!!” – it was amazing to first read that from someone else, along with realizing how big of a deal it really is, I am a badass 😀

macro stats for anyone interested

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