minimal, basic and preferred habits

Sometimes I turn around in life and realize everything is kind of crumbling. Lets face it life will happen and hard times come up, sometimes more than normal. I lost 2 very important people to me in one year in the past and it was very difficult. I gave up not only good habits but I picked up my old bad habits in that time.

Realizing that taking care of myself is the most important thing I started reaching out to my support system after some time passed. First being my husband who is extremely supportive. Second being my family and friends and last but not least my online community. They are all very important to me and helped me figure out how to be a healthier and happier person.

In the Half Size Me community I’ve learned so many amazing lessons. Creating a spreadsheet of my minimal, basic and preferred habits were one of them. I couldn’t adhere to everything at once and I thought it is what I needed to be successful. What helped me most is separating the things I thought I was supposed to do and the things I’ve already done amazingly.

I never realized that all my minimal habits were already fantastic and helped move me to a healthier version of myself. It’s sort of a rainy day habits that are a no brainer and I do effortlessly. The basic habits are ones that require a bit more effort, things I can get done and are scheduled. My preferred habits take more effort, it’s when I’m operating on all cylinders and everything is going to plan. The key is separating each habit into categories, I’d love to share my chart in the hopes that it might help someone else someday.

Please note that I am sharing fairly personal information, it will obviously change over time as I assess each section every few months. I feel confident and safe to share. I must outline that this works for me for right now, I do not recommend anyone copy what I am doing. This is just here as a basic guide for ideas that can be addressed as you are ready. I would really encourage anyone to see a licensed professional for advice to implement anything new to your own life. I have been in therapy for a long time and have worked with several trainers and a nutritionist to be in the place to have these habits. Please be cautious 🙂

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