turning around a bad day

Some days just start out shit, not everyday can be its best even thought we strive for it. Personally I know if I wake up on the wrong foot there are some things I can do to turn that day around. It might not be the best day but it will not be a bad day for long.

First thing I do is make sure I have my most important to do things at the very top, the faster and most efficient way of getting those tasks done is best for me. Next I make sure to make room / time in the day for just relaxing. Sometimes it’s watching Netflix, others it’s starting a new painting. Often it’s turning off tik tok and reading my book.

Most importantly I try to sit with some feelings and figure out why I’m so down. I evaluate if it was something said to me or done that might be reacting to. Often when I feel some internal struggle and it has nothing to do with others I like to take a relaxing bath. I let myself feel sad or angry for that moment, thankfully feelings are not facts. When my issue gets more clear I have a better understanding what I want to do next.

Some of my frustrations lead to no resolve, it had mostly to do with others. I would normally overthink and wind up over eating but a better solution was to watch some standup on Netflix and let others take ownership of their own lives and responsibilities. I feel like it’s a very difficult task to let myself just be.

I want to take a moment to discuss days that can’t really be turned around because I’ve also experienced loss. The grieving process is no joke, that is something that can be a while and nothing can really prepare you for it. I don’t think you can turn around those days, it’s pretty extreme because of the devastation. If you have lost a loved one you can’t rush that process but just know things get easier with time.

time heals

This may seem a little daunting and scary but when you are having a crap day often reaching out to someone is very helpful. I often talk with my husband and 99% of the time he puts a smile on my face. Often he validates what I’m feeling and when I’m with him things that I thought were bad are not actually so bad. I have several friends who I can tell anything to, no matter how emotional I get they are always uplifting. I have several family members who are kind and trustworthy that I can depend on in times of need.

I think a lot of aspects in you life can lead to a crap day and so many wonderful things can uplift that day and turn it around. It’s a matter of implementing the right tools and surrounding yourself with people who understand the person you are. We can all be a little kinder to one another and if there is any way I can support someone and uplift their day I would.

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