turning around a bad day

Some days just start out shit, not everyday can be its best even thought we strive for it. Personally I know if I wake up on the wrong foot there are some things I can do to turn that day around. It might not be the best day but it will not be a bad day for long.

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Making Tough Decisions

Making tough decisions can be daunting. We can all agree (hopefully) that whatever lifestyle we lead now costs and affords us something. My body is morbidly obese and that’s why I was hiding from the world. I was also hiding from leading a fulfilling life that I crave. In November of 2016 my personal trainer gave me homework, he asked “what would make your life more complete and move you forward?” it took me a little while to figure out the answer. Continue Reading

self judgement

Why must we judge ourselves so harshly? My first thought about judging myself is: would I ever say this to my best friend? The answer is Absolutely NOT! It’s rude, hurtful and mean. Then why do I treat myself this way? Why am I making reasons to not deserve something? It’s hard to answer all of these questions because I’m not “perfect”. I have this idolized image of what and who I want to be, it’s so unrealistic but I strive for it and fall short every time. Continue Reading

hard times are hard

Today I want to talk about something I normally don’t and that is about addictions. To be honest I have my own addictions and it was hell and a half to go through it, it was literally looking into a dark whole and realizing ‘this is not to who I am and not who I want to be, but its my reality’. That scared me so much that I changed, I quit cold turkey and never looked back. I don’t even want to think about that time in my life, like it never happened yet every July 18th I look back and say ‘one more year has gone by’ and I realize how big of a deal it really was, IS! Continue Reading