RNY and Alcohol

I recently went to a boozy brunch with friends and I have to say the experience of drinking is very different after my RNY surgery. It wasn’t my first alcoholic beverage and I’ve spoken with my surgeon about consumption. Ideally alcohol should be completely eliminated however even my surgeon said its not realistic. Continue Reading

The Ride

I recently fell in love with biking again after a very long break. As a kid/teen I loved getting on my bike and riding around Brooklyn, NY, I’ve honestly been in every corner of Brooklyn because of my bike. After I started gaining weight riding wasn’t as much fun anymore and with time I gave up on it completely. After my hubby’s cousin gave me her bike I’ve made attempts and it was rather fun. Continue Reading

Just going for it

To most people coloring hair is not a big deal, they do it every 2-4 weeks and go on with their lives. It wasn’t so easy for me, main reason being I’m incredibly indecisive and safe with my hair. This past year has taught me to be a little more confident in my decision making. I was brave enough to do the gastric bypass surgery but the decision to go blonde haunts me for over 2 years, that is ridiculous. Continue Reading