turning around a bad day

Some days just start out shit, not everyday can be its best even thought we strive for it. Personally I know if I wake up on the wrong foot there are some things I can do to turn that day around. It might not be the best day but it will not be a bad day for long.

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i did a thing …

When I was asked to be interviewed for the Half Size Me Podcast I had many reservations. What could I possibly have to share? Will anyone care? I’m not at my goal weight, should I turn it down? Of course those are legitimate concerns but I knew the right answer was to just go for it. Continue Reading


I believe we all have friendships of different levels and everyone has a close circle. When there is tension with one person one thing tends to happen, you categorize that person as ‘toxic’ and honestly they truly might be toxic for you but bare with me through this post. Two things must happen at this point … Continue Reading

it’s just ME and that’s OK

We went to Russia and visited family for a little while, went to a wedding 🙂 it was a blast. When I returned home I didn’t have the same overwhelming need to go back to my old habits. I actually started food planning, nothing fancy like creating a menu but just staying a few meals ahead of the game and planning out the day. Continue Reading

my grandma was the best

On the 6th would have been my grandmothers 87th birthday, I felt really sad because I miss her. I even cried which is normal for me and it made me think of all the awesome times we’ve had together. She was an amazing person, loving, caring and a great friend to everyone. Continue Reading


We went camping with my parents for the long weekend and I have to say just getting away made me happy. I needed that break from the everyday to get out and breath fresh air. I have been having a lot of dreams about running and it happened again so Sunday morning I got up at 8am to this view … Continue Reading