I believe we all have friendships of different levels and everyone has a close circle. When there is tension with one person one thing tends to happen, you categorize that person as ‘toxic’ and honestly they truly might be toxic for you but bare with me through this post. Two things must happen at this point … you need to realize if you are actually perusing a toxic relationship that is contaminating your life with negativity and bringing you down or you are creating this atmosphere for yourself by going of the information you have about this person you choose to label as ‘toxic’. It really doesn’t matter but one of two thinks should happen for a healthy relationship

Let it go, forget about it and don’t let the negativity invade your personal space.

If letting it go is not an option you must confront the person about all the personal issues. It doesn’t have to be super detailed but be honest with them. Personally I would go into detail about your own feelings if you’ve been hurt, are you crying all the time, is this occupying your mind more than it should, are you replay fictional conversations in your head expecting the worst? Now STOP IT! Clear your mind and realize everyone, every single one of us are humans with feelings. How would you feel if you knew you were making someone cry, I for one would be ashamed and I know I’m not alone in this so please reach out to those you have labeled as ‘toxic’ people with a clear head. If you can’t come to a reasonable way to be friends or family … or co-exist maybe they truly are toxic people to you but I have not met such a human yet.

All of my friends, family and acquaintances have been more than understanding when logic and reason is in place … when logic and reason don’t even belong and it’s all about feelings they are also not ignored so please reach out to people …. they might surprise you in a very pleasant way!!

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