plantar fasciitis is no joke & a great recipe

Lately I have been having a lot of pain in my feet, I use the word lately loosely because it’s really been about a year. A friend of mine has been pushing me to go see the podiatrist … not that I’ve been avoiding it but I just never got around to going, I have felt before that he would just take a look at me and say ‘of course your feet hurt, you are overweight’ and yes it all ties into my weight problem however I decided that the pain is way worse than having someone pass judgement on my appearance. I went and he not only went over why my feet are in pain but is working to eliminate pain. Sure his ‘bed side manner’ is terrible and the dude seriously needs to mind his own business when it comes to my (or anyone else’s) career and lifestyle choice. However he is a great specialist who not only found the issue but is treating it properly. I have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and it hurts like crazy, lets just say I will not be running marathons anytime soon.

I don’t care to take medication for it but I did get some exercises to do to get rid of the pain, also all my favorite flat shoes went to the trash can because as he said ‘these are not shoes’ …. I must wear a 1 or 1/2 heal or running shoes with arch support. It’s been helping out a lot because I have much less pain. However our elevator is out of order for the next 6 weeks so I have been going up the stairs A LOT and I notice the pain is overall on my feel and legs has gotten worse. My doctor also said I am over using my feet majorly and the weight puts a lot of pressure on my heals. I’m doing all the exercises to get rid of the pain and I have to start going to the pool again to make up for the calories I would be burning in the gym. It’s almost a catch 22 … don’t use your feet or they will hurt but keep working out to get right of the extra weight 🙁 life can’t just be simple can it?

I have recently been paying more attention to what I am eating because I don’t want to gain weight since I’m trying to stay off the feet and I have to say that I’ve been making some delicious food lately. Most recently I made zucchini beef boats that where amazing and I would love to share the recipe:

Chop 1/2 Spanish Onion and saute until translucent

Add Ground Beef ( I used grass feed organic beef) but you can use ground turkey, chicken or pork

Add 2 or 3 cloves of garlic minced

Saute all together until the beef is lightly browned … Salt and Pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 425F

Cut 2 zucchini’s in half, scoop out the middle and place in a baking dish that is lightly sprayed with olive oil

Spoon the cooked beef mixture into the zucchini boats and bake until zucchini is a little bit soft but not turning into mush (took me about 15min and it had a little bit of a bite to it)

Sprinkle any type of preferred shredded / shaved  cheese and bake for another few min

Let it cool for 3 to 5 min and ENJOY


I have paired it with cucumber and carrot salad

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