it’s just ME and that’s OK

We went to Russia and visited family for a little while, went to a wedding 🙂 it was a blast. When I returned home I didn’t have the same overwhelming need to go back to my old habits. I actually started food planning, nothing fancy like creating a menu but just staying a few meals ahead of the game and planning out the day. It’s a little challenging to stay way from my favorite lunch places, they are not bad it’s just I’m ready to step up and let go of the fact that I can ‘be healthy’ while ‘eating out’ … it clearly has not been working like I want it to. I’ve been jet lagged but it is not stopping me from getting out for walks or making good decisions in the kitchen.

Last night I was really tired after my 4 mile walk around the lake and not hungry for a full dinner. I first had to let go of being a ‘bad wife’ and having Vlad eat cereal … if he wants to eat sugar I will just have to let him. I took a rice cake and put a little bit of peanut butter over it + a few banana slices. I was so tired I forgot to take my vitamins and medication, I fell asleep with the light on for an hour. Than I got up and turned everything off before heading back to bed, I just constantly want to sleep and it doesn’t help that my cat is always wanting snuggles at 2am.

I have major plans this week for work outs, more than I’ve ever had in the past few months. My friend is awesome and making me want to be on top of my game too. She even took a photo of me last night when we went for the walk, at first I hated the photo because well it’s ME. Then I realized something …. it’s just ME and it’s OK, I know how far I have to go and it will take time so why not enjoy the journey. I have love from my family and husband, I have support from my friends and a fantastic internet community …. sometimes I forget how good I have it but by no means I would say life is easy, it’s still a struggle.

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