my NSV’s so far

I’m honestly the #1 critic of myself, always saying things I would never tell a friend. Any success I’ve had so far is really stifling because is it really good enough? I always feel like if I’m not doing something at 100% then it’s a fail. I know in reality it isn’t but I’ve just been conditioned this way. In the past few months my weight loss has slowed way down and it makes me pretty nervous. Instead of big drops like 9-14lbs a month its been more like 3-6lbs. In January I even gained 1lbs, it’s so minimal but I can honestly say I’m scared. Is this it? Am I done? Continue Reading

The Ride

I recently fell in love with biking again after a very long break. As a kid/teen I loved getting on my bike and riding around Brooklyn, NY, I’ve honestly been in every corner of Brooklyn because of my bike. After I started gaining weight riding wasn’t as much fun anymore and with time I gave up on it completely. After my hubby’s cousin gave me her bike I’ve made attempts and it was rather fun. Continue Reading

it’s just ME and that’s OK

We went to Russia and visited family for a little while, went to a wedding 🙂 it was a blast. When I returned home I didn’t have the same overwhelming need to go back to my old habits. I actually started food planning, nothing fancy like creating a menu but just staying a few meals ahead of the game and planning out the day. Continue Reading

keep it together

Back to real life after a fantastic long weekend and I have to say I’m still exhausted. Last night I skipped my support meeting because a friend of mine agreed to go for a walk with me … I have to say I had a great walk workout. I actually did 11,000+ steps for the day which is rare for me and I’m feeling a bit tired today from that. On top of that I have a gym workout today that I kind of want to skip out on but I will not. I made plans with a friend which usually helps out a lot, I can honestly say I am not accountable to myself as I should be but when I have a friend waiting I am more likely to hit the gym even if I don’t want to. Continue Reading

work harder … eat better!!

I have got to be more careful when I go work out. Normally I use the elliptical machine that doesn’t have swinging arms but today they were all filled so I used the one with the arms and holy crap. Continue Reading


I was a little apprehensive about kettle-bells but I purchased a 8lbs one. YouTube was very helpful because I had no idea what to do and this was the very first video I tried. It’s short and easy, something I needed at first. I also started combining this video with another one from YouTube that I might share later. If any of you guys are scared this video is perfect to start out.