my NSV’s so far

I’m honestly the #1 critic of myself, always saying things I would never tell a friend. Any success I’ve had so far is really stifling because is it really good enough? I always feel like if I’m not doing something at 100% then it’s a fail. I know in reality it isn’t but I’ve just been conditioned this way. In the past few months my weight loss has slowed way down and it makes me pretty nervous. Instead of big drops like 9-14lbs a month its been more like 3-6lbs. In January I even gained 1lbs, it’s so minimal but I can honestly say I’m scared. Is this it? Am I done? I have a lot of feelings about this so I realized I’ve had so many successes not relating to the scale. I give the scale way too much power over myself but I have had so many NSV’s (non scale victory). SO here they are in black and white, my NSV’s so far in my journey.

Jean Size 28 to 16

When I was in high school my jean size was 16 and my senior year I was size 18 so this is pretty exciting. Also the size 16 is no longer as snug as it used to be, dare I say I will be out of double digits one day?

Shirt Size XXXL to L and sometimes M

This greatly depends where I get the shirt. Most Old Navy shirts I get in M now but Banana Republic I am at size L

Walking up 3 flights of stairs without a break (or dying)

We live in an apartment building that has 6 floors. I got really annoyed waiting for the elevator recently and just walked up to the 3rd floor without stopping or breaking a sweat. My breathing did get a work out by the time I reached my floor but wow, I always had to stop on every floor before.

Walking through subway turnstile without turning

I live in NYC and if you want to go anywhere the best bet is the subway. I used to always have to turn sideways to fit through. About 3 or 4 months after surgery we were heading into the city and I had to consciously walk straight without turning. I was so excited and it was my very first NSV since surgery.

Improved flexibility with yoga

When I was in high school I loved gymnastics so I joined the team. I wasn’t pro by any means but I was extremely flexible and it was just so much fun. Recently I started yoga and I’m getting my flexibility back.

Mindfulness about my life choices

I feel this is pretty self explanatory. I’m just going to say that how I make my decisions greatly depends on who is on my priority list. I’ve been on the back burner for way too long. The last few years I am learning to make myself #1 priority.

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