I can only speak on what I have learned for myself. I would highly recommend consulting a medical professional and a nutritionist before applying any practices


It was essential to find out what my TDEE is and I’ve done that with the

it has a brilliant breakdown of macro nutrients for maintaining, cutting and bulking weight. I am in the weight loss process still and have chosen to not share my macronutient breakdown. I do so not to be secretive but it’s a number that is changing weekly.

Right now I’m working with someone on reverse dieting which is helping my body function properly.


I have not always been a fan of working out, I enjoy some actives more than others. If I had it my way all I’d be doing is biking and swimming. I don’t have access to swimming right now but I’ve started enjoying strength training. I do have to say my upper body is not as strong as my bottom half 🙂 I really enjoy leg day but I do concentrate on full body work outs.

One thing I would have to say is I don’t like cardio much and right now I don’t feel like I need to focus on that as much. I’m still working on falling in love with walking but I’d much rather do something like boxing 😉