one of those days

My day started off early because I had a photo shoot with a new model … and by new I mean totally green. Don’t get me wrong guys for being a newbie in the industry she was excellent, I guess I just put so much of myself to my job that I get drained quickly. Including that my breakfast was not the best (a nutrition bar) and I got so tired early in the day my food choices were not the best for lunch or dinner. I wouldn’t say it was awful however I could have done a better job planning. After my shoot I went to Starbucks for a green tea … my usual spot in Long Island and the guy who was taking my order says to me “you look tired hun, are you ok?”  … OUCH. I mean I know I didn’t put on a lot of make up in the morning (just a touch of mascara) but it just deflated me even more.

All day I’ve been dealing with files and editing, it’s past 10pm and I just got to the girl I had the shoot with this morning. I’m thinking I will do a hand full of shots and call it a day, I did tell her 2 weeks like usual. I was literally falling asleep in my chair and on my keyboard, tomorrow is an early day also. It has just been one of those days!

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