Just going for it

To most people coloring hair is not a big deal, they do it every 2-4 weeks and go on with their lives. It wasn’t so easy for me, main reason being I’m incredibly indecisive and safe with my hair. This past year has taught me to be a little more confident in my decision making. I was brave enough to do the gastric bypass surgery but the decision to go blonde haunts me for over 2 years, that is ridiculous. Continue Reading

Boundaries in Friendships

Boundaries in Friendships are sometimes unclear and difficult, in my case anyway. I have many different types of friendships, I’m obviously closer to some than others. I’m not always sure what my boundaries are (or should be) with friends and that is part of why it’s difficult for me. Continue Reading

self judgement

Why must we judge ourselves so harshly? My first thought about judging myself is: would I ever say this to my best friend? The answer is Absolutely NOT! It’s rude, hurtful and mean. Then why do I treat myself this way? Why am I making reasons to not deserve something? It’s hard to answer all of these questions because I’m not “perfect”. I have this idolized image of what and who I want to be, it’s so unrealistic but I strive for it and fall short every time. Continue Reading

My Leap

I took the leap, I applied for full time position as a photographer for a pretty big company. You guys might be thinking what does it have to do with weight loss and I’m here to tell you my friends it’s everything. I was always scared to apply just like I was to do a new work out or calorie count or do extra 10 laps every time I’m in the pool. Continue Reading

Go out NAKED!

Go out NAKED and I’m not talking cloths … women and girls out there rely on makeup so much its scary. I love makeup and enjoy making my face look like a different face however I learned as a little kid that you don’t need to do it. My mother only wore makeup when going out and her idea of ‘putting on makeup’ was mascara, blush and lipstick. Continue Reading