My Leap

I took the leap, I applied for full time position as a photographer for a pretty big company. You guys might be thinking what does it have to do with weight loss and I’m here to tell you my friends it’s everything. I was always scared to apply just like I was to do a new work out or calorie count or do extra 10 laps every time I’m in the pool. Only over the past year or so I have been counting, swimming and working towards loosing weight. I’m about 8lbs away from a 50lbs loss. I was thinking it’s no big deal and I vocalized that thought to a person in a vitamin shop. She looked at me like I’m crazy. 42 lost is a big deal, I’m a big deal, I actually matter and being scared of a job is a very similar thing. I’m a great photographer and I’m good enough for this job if they hire me or not. There are still so many things I’m scared of in life and I know that being scared will not help me achieve my goals. I firmly believe there is a difference between goals and dreams, I intend to make my dreams goals. I’m by no means perfect at this, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve failed at getting to my goals in life. What is important to me is I keep reaching and as difficult as it might be I will not give up. I won’t give up on getting my body healthy or having mental clarity or absolutely anything I want to happen in my career. I will not ask anything of myself that is more than I can do, as long as I’m moving forward I’m happy with myself.

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