my thoughts on fat-shaming

I was browsing Facebook like usual and came across a viral video a while back of a fat girl dancing, my first thought on the video was “wow that girl rocks, I want to do that” but my second thought was “Oh man I’m really fat” … yes her body triggered my own negative self talk as per usual. Continue Reading


I was a little apprehensive about kettle-bells but I purchased a 8lbs one. YouTube was very helpful because I had no idea what to do and this was the very first video I tried. It’s short and easy, something I needed at first. I also started combining this video with another one from YouTube that I might share later. If any of you guys are scared this video is perfect to start out.

Fully Raw Holiday Salad

WOW you guys I had no idea fully raw could be so amazingly yummy. I am far from fully raw but I have decided to start incorporating more veggies into my diet a long time ago. I found FullyRawKristina on YouTube and fell in love with her … how could you  not? Continue Reading

commercial from a movie

I honestly loved the movie What Women Want starring Mel Gibson who gets into an accident and starts hearing what women think. He works in advertising and gets a big account, while using his ‘super power’ he follows women who exercise and comes up with a perfect pitch for NIKE women division. This commercial he came up with has always stayed with me and makes me want to run. Even thought it’s impossible at this stage in my life I feel running would be so beneficial not only physically but mentally as well 🙂