bariatric eats – my perfect salad

I wanted to share my perfect salad with you guys. Everyone will have a different version and tweeks but this is what I’m loving. In the summer months I prefer not to roast and this is the perfect side to go along with any protein, it also really holds up on its own. Continue Reading

Kale is making me happy

In the past month or so I have noticed a huge change in my cravings. I have to say not everyday is perfect, I did have a moment the other week were I really wanted a Big Mac. I messaged a friend of mine and we had a very quick and to the point chat. I wound up getting my favorite Broccoli Slaw Kale Salad from Trader Joe’s. To be honest I’ve been obsessed with this salad for the past 4-6 weeks. I get it twice a week for lunch and it leaves me feeling satisfied. Continue Reading

Fully Raw Holiday Salad

WOW you guys I had no idea fully raw could be so amazingly yummy. I am far from fully raw but I have decided to start incorporating more veggies into my diet a long time ago. I found FullyRawKristina on YouTube and fell in love with her … how could you  not? Continue Reading