I don’t have to love my body, I have to love MYSELF

I always feel like I’m waiting for this magic moment when all the stars align. I want ‘perfect’ balance in my life and thrive – this is what I tell myself and it’s a problem because I feel that ‘fact’ will make me happy. I will automatically love myself. Everything that I am, flaws included. That is such a jaded way to think, a little immature.

I know I will always have issues with my physical appearance. If it’s not fat, it’s skin. If it’s not skin it’s height or hair or the shape of my calves. I low key hate them 🙂 No matter what I will pick myself apart. However knowing what I know the probability of liking or even loving who I actually am, appearance aside, is highly likely.

I’ve been told for way too long that I’m fat, it’s true I am. It gives the connotation that I’m also lazy, unmotivated and undeserving of good things. All false by the way!

I’ve taken so many steps to being the person I would like and guess what I do. Maybe I don’t always LOVE myself but I understand why and I feel like I’m on the right path.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone <3

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