Boundaries in Friendships

Boundaries in Friendships are sometimes unclear and difficult, in my case anyway. I have many different types of friendships, I’m obviously closer to some than others. I’m not always sure what my boundaries are (or should be) with friends and that is part of why it’s difficult for me. Continue Reading

Managing Type 2 Diabetes

I have lived with Type 2 Diabetes for longer than I’m willing to admit. Over the years I have tried all sorts of crap, that’s the only way to put it. I’ve taken several steps in the past few years that makes managing the diabetes easier. I’ve built my arsenal of supporters that include doctors, therapist, nutritionist, online community of support and I would say the most important my FRIENDS! Continue Reading

My Leap

I took the leap, I applied for full time position as a photographer for a pretty big company. You guys might be thinking what does it have to do with weight loss and I’m here to tell you my friends it’s everything. I was always scared to apply just like I was to do a new work out or calorie count or do extra 10 laps every time I’m in the pool. Continue Reading

Celebrating my Success

Celebrating my Success has never come easy for me, on my weight loss journey I always have this big number in the back of my mind. I need to loose 185lbs … I just HAVE to. Any sort of actual success I’ve had with weight loss falls by the waist side because of that gigantic number. Continue Reading


I believe we all have friendships of different levels and everyone has a close circle. When there is tension with one person one thing tends to happen, you categorize that person as ‘toxic’ and honestly they truly might be toxic for you but bare with me through this post. Two things must happen at this point … Continue Reading

the boat or the dock?

Lately I’ve been feeling really down lately, a lot of things are getting to me that I normally let slide. How long can I sit here analyzing the same issues in my relationships? I wonder if I ask too much for myself and at the same time cringing at the fact that I’m not happy settling for ‘the usual’ … being a doormat, feeling lonely, not having my own voice or giving myself the credit I deserve. Continue Reading