it’s just ME and that’s OK

We went to Russia and visited family for a little while, went to a wedding 🙂 it was a blast. When I returned home I didn’t have the same overwhelming need to go back to my old habits. I actually started food planning, nothing fancy like creating a menu but just staying a few meals ahead of the game and planning out the day. Continue Reading

just a kid from Boston …

When I was about 14 or 15 my parents took me to Boston … just to see it. We were traveling somewhere by bus and I saw this one guy. He couldn’t have been that old, maybe first or second year of college but something about him spoke to me. He is out here on his own making it … of course he could have been a hoodlum living in his parents basement but I didn’t see it that way. Continue Reading

I’m sad and it’s OK

What the EFF am I hungry for? It’s not food because I just had lunch but I’m hungry, how am I hungry? again? I’m not sure what in the mother of hell is up with my body. I have this feeling a lot where as soon as I start feeling something … anything really I feel ‘hungry’ right away. Continue Reading

my thoughts on fat-shaming

I was browsing Facebook like usual and came across a viral video a while back of a fat girl dancing, my first thought on the video was “wow that girl rocks, I want to do that” but my second thought was “Oh man I’m really fat” … yes her body triggered my own negative self talk as per usual. Continue Reading