working on it … forever!

I have type 2 diabetes and been living with it for 10+ years now, at first when I got the news I tried every diet under the sun – Atkins was the worst! I think I did it for a month before I realized it is slowly killing me not fixing me. I did Weight Watchers Online for a few months but also gave up on it when I didn’t see results after 3 months and since then I gave up on dieting. Continue Reading

I’m sad and it’s OK

What the EFF am I hungry for? It’s not food because I just had lunch but I’m hungry, how am I hungry? again? I’m not sure what in the mother of hell is up with my body. I have this feeling a lot where as soon as I start feeling something … anything really I feel ‘hungry’ right away. Continue Reading

my thoughts on fat-shaming

I was browsing Facebook like usual and came across a viral video a while back of a fat girl dancing, my first thought on the video was “wow that girl rocks, I want to do that” but my second thought was “Oh man I’m really fat” … yes her body triggered my own negative self talk as per usual. Continue Reading