the easy way out – not so much

Here is a conversation I have pretty much every week since June 27th, 2017

Me: Yes, I’ve had weight loss surgery.

Random Person: Oh wow that’s amazing but isn’t it the easy way out?

Me: No, not it’s not *as every fiber of my being wants to totally yell at the person*

Fact is that surgery is merely a tool and one step in a pretty long process. It is true some people who are over weight cannot lose weight simply by diet and exercise alone. I wasn’t ready for surgery for a long time, sometimes I look back and wonder how I went through with it but in the long haul it added at least half a decade to my lifespan. It takes a ton of discipline to follow through with guidelines. You need willpower to live on mainly liquids for a month if not more to prepare for the surgery and after. The pain is real guys, so next time you want to say it’s the easy way out please reconsider.

I’d also like to say that surgery doesn’t fix your unhealthy relationship with food, it might help manage it. I’ve spoken with several people who have had really bad experiences with surgery and had serious complications. I was so lucky to not have complications but it’s a really difficult process. It takes a toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally. I am so grateful for the support I’ve gotten from family and friends during the process. After surgery everything changes but it is absolutely NOT the easy way out.

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