working on it … forever!

I have type 2 diabetes and been living with it for 10+ years now, at first when I got the news I tried every diet under the sun – Atkins was the worst! I think I did it for a month before I realized it is slowly killing me not fixing me. I did Weight Watchers Online for a few months but also gave up on it when I didn’t see results after 3 months and since then I gave up on dieting. Continue Reading


If any of you guys are ever in the Forest Hills, NY area you must try out my friends restaurant MARANI! It is the best, the food is delicious! Continue Reading

work harder … eat better!!

I have got to be more careful when I go work out. Normally I use the elliptical machine that doesn’t have swinging arms but today they were all filled so I used the one with the arms and holy crap. Continue Reading

I’m sad and it’s OK

What the EFF am I hungry for? It’s not food because I just had lunch but I’m hungry, how am I hungry? again? I’m not sure what in the mother of hell is up with my body. I have this feeling a lot where as soon as I start feeling something … anything really I feel ‘hungry’ right away. Continue Reading

my thoughts on fat-shaming

I was browsing Facebook like usual and came across a viral video a while back of a fat girl dancing, my first thought on the video was “wow that girl rocks, I want to do that” but my second thought was “Oh man I’m really fat” … yes her body triggered my own negative self talk as per usual. Continue Reading


I was a little apprehensive about kettle-bells but I purchased a 8lbs one. YouTube was very helpful because I had no idea what to do and this was the very first video I tried. It’s short and easy, something I needed at first. I also started combining this video with another one from YouTube that I might share later. If any of you guys are scared this video is perfect to start out.